McCulloch MC4218AV

McCulloch MC4218AV

Model Number: MC4218AV
Weight: 12.2 Lbs
Gas or Electric: Gas
Bar Length: 18 inches
cc/HP: 42cc
Price:: $169.99
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The McCulloch chainsaw may not be the avid outdoorsmen’s first pick for their top chainsaw, but for those look for for a reliable yet affordable consumer/home use saw, this provides a valid option. A lightweight, and aggressive/dynamic design provides for a aestically pleasing saw. Although it is a good little saw if you are looking into doing some serious cutting you may want to spend a little more and go with a more powerful and heavy duty saw.

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DuraLife 42cc Engine w/plated cylinder
Forged Connection Rod and Crankshaft
Super Clean Air Filter System
Effortless Pull Starting
Automatic Oiler
Reduced Vibration Handle
Comes with chainsaw case

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User Score:
65 votes
McCulloch MC4218AV, 4.6 out of 10 based on 65 ratings
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  1. Pallu
    19 Aug 2012, 7:00 pm

    i also sharpen them´╗┐ witouht gloves. cant find in this vid what if it is so excellent or terrible its how simple cut. but can cut any naturally. theneven a proper and real way for a while in a wood.

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